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WSWSask Cable Park

The Cable Park we have built presents a cost effective and equitable method to increase involvement in towed water sports, increases the abilities of our coaches and speed the development of our athletes, creates the potential for a stable source of revenue for self-help for the organization, provides a more environmentally sustainable opportunity for watersports activities, and aligns WSWS with the larger shift that is taking place in towed watersports as Cable Parks are becoming a bigger part of the towed watersports environment in Canada and around the world.

The towers are up in Saskatoon.  The next step is to add the registration and sign up page on the website, and build the clubhouse, features and site amenities.  Opportunities exist to partner with us and help us build the next stages so that we are prepared for programming and hosting events.  You are invited to contact us for more details.  It is possible to donate to the project using the link below by following these steps to designate your donation to our Cable Park.  

How to donate:

1. Click on the Cable Park Donation button which will open a new tab. 2. Select the amount to donate, or enter your own amount.  You can also select one time donation or recurring donation. 3.There is a dropdown list of the projects in Saskatchewan available to support.  You will find our project - Waterski and Wakeboard Sask Capital Equipment Fund  (SK:23:001) near the bottom of the list 4. You can choose whether to donate anonymously, or on behalf of someone else with the check boxes provided. 5. If you are making a personal donation, enter your details as you’d like it to appear on your donation receipt.   6. If you are donating as a business, select the checkbox on behalf of an organization, and fill in the details as you’d like it to appear on the donation receipt. 7. Click the button to give securely at the bottom to complete the donation. 

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