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Supporting our athletes

Waterski and Wakeboard Saskatchewan is part of the National Sports Trust Fund.

When you donate to the fund, you will receive a charitable donation receipt. 

You can choose to donate to one of two funds for Waterski and Wakeboard SK.

When you click on the link, it will take you to the Sport Legacy Fund page at Sasksport.

After you choose the amount, there is a drop down menu for you to select the sports body.

Scroll to near the bottom of the list, it is a long list,

and you will find 2 options for Waterski and Wakeboard SK.

The first choice, Waterski and Wakeboard Capital Equipment, would be to support the

development of a specific project, such as a building or Cable system.

The second choice, Waterski and Wakeboard Sport Legacy Fund, goes to support our Athletes 

and their development, which also includes our Scholarship program.

On behalf of towed watersports in this province, thank you for adding us to your overall donation practices.

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