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Travel Clinic

Learn to Waterski/Wakeboard

June 15/16 Blackstrap DHH

June 22/23 Rowan's Ravine DHH

July 8/9/10 Regina Yacht Club

July 11/12/13 Etters Beach

July 15/16/17 PHCA 

July 20/21/22 Moosomin

July 23/24/25 Regina Beach Yacht Club

July 26/27/28 Marean Lake

July 29/30/31 Barrier Ford

Aug. 1/2 Sturgeon

Aug 5-9 Kip

            Email for more information and to plan for 2024.  

The aim of the Travelling Clinic is to bring coaches, waterskis, wakeboards, and a boat to those who are interested in towed water sports in Saskatchewan. Whether you are looking to try for the first time or looking to hone your skills, the Travelling Clinic will help develop your love of water sports.  Participants include anyone from the ages of 5-95.  They must be comfortable in a life jacket in deep water, and understand how to work with coaches.  


When you book a clinic, our coaches and boat will travel to any accessible and safe body of water. 

Rates for 2024:

General - $900/day 

Clubs - $700/day

To book, email us at 

or for more information, call 306 202 6033

General Information

  • A typical Clinic is 3-5 days in length. 

  • Maximum number of athletes is 12. 

  • It is broken into an a.m. session from 9-12 with 6 athletes, and a p.m. session from 1-4 with 6 athletes.  

If you were doing a 3 day clinic, the overall cost for non-club would be $2700.  The organizing community could charge $187.50 per athlete to break even.  Most communities charged $200 a person last year, and then had snacks/drinks etc. and also built in a cancellation, however almost all our clinics last year had a waiting list.  We completed 15 clinics in 2022.

The local community registers the athletes, and divides them up according to their interest for the training.  For example, 3 Wakeboarders and 3 experienced waterskiiers in one group, and beginners in another. 

Our coaches are certified by Waterski and Wakeboard Canada and have taken the NCCP courses for teaching Waterskiing and Wakeboarding.  They have also completed the Respect in Sport modules from Waterski and Wakeboard Canada and the Respect in Sport group.

Thanks to our Sponsors, Novlan Bros.

Novlan Bros. have supported our Travel Clinic for many seasons.  Without their continued support, we would not be able to offer this amazing opportunity to the people of Saskatchewan at the affordable rates we enjoy. Thanks again for all of the past contributions and for this season.

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