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Waterskiing is a sport that is completed behind a boat or towed cable system. Levels of this activity range from recreational to tournament skiing.

Tournament skiing is comprised of 3 Disciplines; Slalom, Jump, and Trick.

Slalom is comprised of a 6 buoy course with the goal being for skiers to complete the course at increasing speeds and shorter rope lengths; the skier is finished when they fall or fail to go around a buoy.

The Jump event is where skiers try to go as far as they possibly can off of a 5 to 6 foot ramp. Skiers achieve further distances by taking hard and late cuts towards the ramp, launching them with the greatest speed possible off of the ramp.

Trick skiing is composed of two 20-second runs, where skiers complete as many rotations, flips and spins as possible to gain the highest amount of points.

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